ICT Services – Give Back Days

On the 9th September, some of the ICT Services Department took part in the University’s Give Back Days scheme at a local community centre.

Marcus Harris, Programme Support Officer for PMO and Architecture, attended and found it to be a very rewarding experience:

“After hearing of the opportunity of giveback days that the university offers, we decided as a team (PMO & Architecture) that we’d really like to get involved. Many of the team live in or close to Lincoln, so we chose to look for somewhere local to volunteer and found that Croft Street Community Centre was in need of a team to come in and restore the centre’s gardens, as well as prepare some inside surfaces for painting. The Centre had been burnt down 2 years ago and because of that there was a lot of work that needed to be completed to get it back to its former self, so to have the opportunity to help with that was really rewarding. Working with the centre’s caretaker, Paul, everybody got stuck in to weed and dig the gardens ready for planting and strip paint from woodwork to be ready for painting.  

After a full day of hard work (and plenty of cups of tea), we managed to complete everything we set out to do. Paul and Janet, a trustee of the centre, were so grateful for our work and we were just as grateful for the opportunity to help out.  The day was great for team building too, so a win/win for all! Seeing the trustees so happy has definitely made us want to help out again, either there or somewhere else and we’re really thankful to the University for giving us the opportunity.”

Well done to all those involved! Check out the pictures of the team hard at work below: