How To… | Office 365

As a University of Lincoln Student or Staff member, you are eligible to use many free-to-use software and services, including the fantastic Microsoft Office 365.

Sign in now and take advantage of this FREE world-leading office software!

Office 365 access includes the Microsoft Office suite and OneDrive cloud storage. Here’s how to take advantage of these features:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your University email address and password e.g. or (if you are a member of staff).

You will be forwarded to an area where you can download Microsoft Office applications and access your online storage and email.

To download Office Applications:

  1. Click the ‘Install Office’ button in the top right corner and select from “Office 365 apps” or “Other installation options”.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

OneDrive Banner

You will be provided with 1TB of personal online storage space through Microsoft OneDrive. This online storage space can be used to store, share, sync & backup your personal files.

To use OneDrive:

  1. Visit and sign in (as above).
  2. Click on the OneDrive icon.
  3. Click on the New or Upload buttons to add files to your OneDrive.

Office 365 also contains a range of collaboration tools you can use to work with others, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Click here to open Office 365 Setup as a PDF


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