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For in-depth guidance on working from home for staff, please go to this dedicated page

It is important to note that there is a finite number of Cloud Desktop connections that University systems can support and the service is also used by students, so please use Office 365 detailed here (option 1) where possible.

Students and staff can access their University files and programs from anywhere, via the Cloud Desktop. To get started, follow these steps:


1. Visit

2. Enter your University username and password in the following format:

(where “01234567” is your student ID)

(where “jbloggs” is your username”)

3. Tick the box to accept the University’s Acceptable Use Policy.

4. Next, tick the box to accept the Citrix licence agreement and click “Download”.

5. Run the Citrix Workspace installer and follow the instructions.

6. When this is finished, return to your web browser. You may have to click ‘Detect again’ to continue.

7. Click the “Windows 7 Cloud Desktop” icon to launch your cloud session.

Mobile Devices

1. Download Citrix Workspace from the App Store (Apple Devices) or the Google Play Store (Android).

2. Open Citrix Workspace and then tap “Get Started”.

3. Type your University email then tap “Continue”.

4. Type your University username and password and then tap “Sign In”.

5. Tap “Windows 7 Cloud Desktop” to launch a session.

6. By default, the session will be launched into a “touch-optimised environment”.

You can tap the menu box that appears at the bottom of the screen to use a keyboard, return home, close the window and more.

Google Chromebooks

  1. Open Google Chrome and search for the “Chrome Web Store” on your Chromebook. Search for Citrix ReceiverScreenshot of Citrix receiver as shown in Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click on the + ADD TO CHROME button and then Add App on the pop-up dialog box. Wait for Citrix Receiver to install.
  3. Click LAUNCH APP in the pop-up window that appears. If this does not appear click on the launcher menu button (circle) at the bottom left of the screen and select the Citrix Receiver.
    Screenshot of Citrix Receiver in Chrome Web Store with launch App button available.
  4. Once the app has launched type in “”
  5. Click Connect and on the next screen type in your University of Lincoln username and password and click Log On.
  6. To use it again in future, simply click on the launcher menu (circle) in the bottom left of the screen and select Citrix Receiver.

Note: When you have finished with your session, click the Windows icon on the bottom left of the screen and click Log Off.

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