How To… | UoL Visitor Wi-Fi

If you are a visitor or self-registered guest, please follow the steps below to connect to our Visitor Wi-Fi access point.

Select the wireless network “UoL – Visitor”, a browser window will automatically open which instantly redirects to a University of Lincoln landing page.
Note: If for any reason the browser window does not automatically appear, manually open a browser and browse to any website, the redirection to should then occur automatically.

Creating an account

1. On the main portal page, click on “Create an account” at the bottom of the page.

2. The “Create account” page will appear.

3. Fill in the required fields (First name, Last name and Email address) and (optionally) provide a phone number. Please ensure you supply a valid email address.

4. Read through the acceptable use policy and tick the box “I agree to the terms and conditions” if you are happy to proceed.

5. Click the “Register” button to continue.

6. The details for your newly created account are shown.

7. Click on the “email me” button to be emailed a copy of the credentials to the email address you provided, this will contain your password.

8. Check for the email on your phone. Please ensure you have mobile data switched on for this. It can be turned off again once you receive the login details.

9. Back on the main portal page, log in with your new account.

10. On successful login, you are redirected to the University of Lincoln homepage and now have internet access.

11. Some users of older mobile devices may need to turn off their Wi-Fi to enable receipt of email via your data network (e.g. 4G), once email received turn Wi-Fi back on to access UoL – Visitor.


If you have no way to receive the confirmation email, please visit the nearest reception. They will be able to provide you with your account details through the allocated visitor Wi-Fi accountable or via ICT Services.