Navigate-Me is the bespoke navigation service for the University of Lincoln. The service is available to help staff, students and visitors find their way around the Brayford Pool Campus.

Fully compatible with mobile devices, it provides:

  • Interactive maps of campus buildings and the surrounding area
  • Route-Planning both inside and outside buildings
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reach your chosen destination
  • Estimated distance and time to your destination
  • An ‘Accessible Routing’ option which pinpoints routes with lift access
  • Directions to specific rooms and buildings
  • Directions to nearby toilets

The service also provides information on active on-campus events and is accessible to all visitors on Open Days, Public Lectures and more. You can now find links to on signage around the University.

The service was developed by the University’s students participating in the ‘ICT Associate Developer’ programme, with the collaboration of the ICT Services and Estates department. The service utilises research produced by the School of Computer Science, which developed the underlying path-finding algorithm.

To try it for yourself, visit:

Navigate-Me Logo. Smartphone with Navigate-Me on the screen.