Linking-You –

First introduced over a decade ago, ‘Linking-You’  is the University of Lincoln’s bespoke link-shortening service and is available to use by all students and members of staff.

The next iteration of this service moves from the ‘’ domain to the new ‘’ domain name. If you have used before, the new service will seem quite familiar to you, with just a few small (but useful!) changes.

Visit and sign in using your University username and password to get started. Once you’ve signed in, it couldn’t be easier to start shortening your links.


Creating Short Links on

To shorten a link, simply paste it into the box and click “Shorten”. Each link you shorten will become “” followed by a randomly-generated string of characters.

Students only: Links you create will be automatically defined as personal links.

Staff only: By default, links you create will be assigned to your department or school (and therefore are manageable by authorised colleagues in your department or school), but if you would like to create a link for personal use, check the box beneath “Options” before shortening.

Shorten This Box. Screenshot.


If you’d like to customise your link, click on “Options” before shortening your link, and type your custom character string into the box (e.g. Please note that the maximum character limit for custom strings is 12 characters

"I really want it to be" box. Screenshot.


You can also set an expiration date for your link (by default links expire after one year). You can choose a custom expiry date or make the link permanent.

Expiry Date make link permanent. Screenshot.


Creating in Bulk

You can also create multiple links in one go by selecting “Bulk Creation”. If you upload a text file containing a full list of links you wish to shorten (with a single link per line), Linking-You will create links for each one automatically.

Linking-You Bulk Creation. Screenshot.


Link Management

Once links have been created, they can be managed through the ‘My Links’ section. Here, you can modify the destination, see usage statistics, and delete old links.


Changing Destination

You can easily change where your shortened links point to. To do this, find the link in your list you wish to redirect and change the long URL in the corresponding text box. Then click “Save Changes”.

Linking-You URL Redirection. Screenshot.


Changing Expiry Date

You can also change the expiry date of a link, even after it has passed the previous expiry date. Simply change the date or check the “No Expiry” checkbox under the “Expiry” column. Then click “Save Changes” to update the expiry date.

Expiry Date Change. Screenshot.


Deleting Links

If you decide a link is no longer required, you can easily delete it by pressing the ‘Delete’ button.

Linking-You Delete Button. Screenshot.


Using QR Codes

For each short link you create, a QR code will be generated. The QR code can be viewed by clicking the “Show Info” button. To save the QR code to your computer, just right-click it and select “Save image as…”.

Linking-You Link list. Screenshot.


Link Info

You can see usage statistics, including when a link was last accessed and other details, by clicking the ‘Show Info’ button. To hide this info simply click the “Hide Info” button.


Link Status

The first column shows the status of your link. If the system thinks your link has stopped working it will alert you here and display a message similar to the below. Hovering over this message will reveal more details.

Broken Links. Screenshot.


The system can sometimes incorrectly detect a broken link; if this is the case, let ICT know – don’t worry, your link will still work while this message is displayed.



If you have any questions or require any assistance when using Linking-You, please contact ICT Services on 01522 88 6500, or email us at