Room Booking System

Developed in collaboration between the Planning & Business Intelligence and ICT departments, a new Room Booking system was launched on Monday 4th November 2019.

The system offers a range of improvements to the online room booking experience for all staff and students, including:

  • A streamlined, intuitive interface for finding and booking available rooms.
  • The ability to search for rooms based on any combination of campuses, buildings, departments, room types and room equipment.
  • The ability to find rooms that are available on a specific date and time.
  • Significant performance improvements. No more waiting for long periods of time to find room availability.
  • A new interface for viewing, editing and deleting your existing bookings or submitted booking requests.
  • Booking reminder emails. You will receive an email the day before a room booking is due to take place. In the interest of ensuring rooms are being fully utilised, please cancel any room bookings that are no longer required.

The new Room Booking System is now available at

Help & Support

Please see the ‘Tips’ section of the booking interface for help on getting started with the new system. A video walkthrough on how to book a room is available here:

For additional support, please contact the Timetabling team at