Welcome to Getting Started

Take a look at our selection of How To guides below if you need help with setting something up. You can also follow our Getting Started guide below if you are yet to arrive.

If you require further assistance with anything IT related, call the IT Service Desk on 01522 88 6500, or email us at ict@lincoln.ac.uk




Find out how to change your University password and use our Self-Service Password Reset system.




Learn about how to connect to the University Wi-Fi network and the benefits of eduroam.



Your Account

Information about your University Account and how to log in to University computers.



Office 365

Find out more about accessing Office 365 completely free with your University account.



Student Halls

Learn about the Student Halls network, connecting devices through a wired connection, and games consoles.



Mobile Email

Find out how to sync your University email account with your Apple, Android or Windows mobile devices.


Before You Arrive

Before enrolment, there are 3 important things you need to do:


1. Set Your Password

  1. Find the login page for Blackboard at https://blackboard.lincoln.ac.uk
  2. Click on “First Time Here?”, then click on “Click here to Set Password”.
  3. Enter your student email address as displayed: AccountID@students.lincoln.ac.uk
  4. Your Account ID is the eight-digits of your Student ID. You will find this information on the top left-hand side of your enrolment letter. If your student ID is ABC12345678, your Account ID is 12345678
  5. Enter your default/old password into the ‘Old password’ field. Your default/old password will be your date of birth. This should be typed in this format: Monthddyyyy (if your birthday is 2nd May 1998, then your default/old password would be: May021998)
  6. You will now need to enter a new password. For a strong password, please ensure:
  • It is at least fifteen characters long
  • It includes upper and lower case letters (e.g. a–z, A–Z); digits (0-9) and other characters (punctuation): ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + | ~ – = \ ` { } [ ] : ” ; ’ < > ? , . / )
  • It is not a word in any language, slang, dialect, or jargon
  • It is not based on personal information, your own name, user id, names of family, children or pets

Click “Finish”, then log in and you will be taken to a page that looks similar to the one on the right.

If you forget your password, click on “Forgot Password?” on the Blackboard login page to change it.


2. Check and Update Your Personal Details

Click the Start button to go to Step 1 of the enrolment process. This page allows you to review and update the personal details we hold for you. It’s important that you check your details carefully and amend if necessary. You will also need to read the privacy notice and submit your details.


3. Upload Your Photo

Click the Start button in Step 2 to begin the process of uploading your image. Follow the instructions onscreen to select and upload your photo, following the guidelines to ensure that your photo is suitable.

Rotate and crop:
If you need to rotate your image, simply follow the instructions onscreen. To crop your photo, click and drag on the image to select an area. You can alter this selection by dragging the boxes at the corners of the area. At this stage you will have the opportunity to upload an alternative photo should you wish. Once you’re happy with how your image looks, click on the submit button. The process is now complete, and you will be shown an example of how your Student ID card will appear. Your photo will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected by the Student Administration team, and you will then receive confirmation of this via email.

If you require assistance with uploading your photo, please contact the Student Administration team on 01522 886101 or email studentrecords@lincoln.ac.uk. ICT are unable to assist with uploading your photo.


After Uploading Your Photo

Once you have successfully completed these steps, you will be able to access all the information on the full Getting Started site. Here you can find more information about your programme, living in Lincoln, studying and links to social media. You will find the details of your programme, and the name of the School where your course is based, on your enrolment letter.

The ‘Your programme’ area is a welcome from your academic staff and will give you details about what you will be doing in your course, explain the academic calendar and welcome week timetable. Your academics might also suggest some summer activities as well as some reading.


Getting Started with Blackboard will also help you navigate around the virtual learning environment, where you can access course information, check your grades and benefit from a whole host of information and learning resources.