Configure Devices Securely

Configuration of devices

Configure devices and computers securely


Ensure you keep software up to date and configure your security.

University Devices

All University supplied devices are kept update and are secure. So if you are using one of these they are kept up to date automatically, and have all the security software installed, and configured correctly.

If you want further advice on what devices ICT can supply or you want to purchase a University PC or Mac. Please contact the ICT Service Desk.


Personal Devices

If you want to make sure your own computers are configured securely, please check out the following guides.

Keep software up to date

Security flaws are discovered in software all the time. Manufacturers are continually updating their software to fix all the security weaknesses they are aware of. So you need these updates to remain protected.

Configure your computers and devices to check for updates on a daily basis. Some updates will require you to reboot to ensure the security features are updated.

How to keep it up to date

  • ​Windows PCs

Check in the [Control Panel] in [Windows Update]. Ensure that  the settings are made  to check for updates automatically, daily.

  • Apple Macs

These normally will tell you whenever an update is available. To check manually, select the [Apple menu] then [Software Update …]​

  • Linux

There are lots of types of Linux in use. We suggest you do an internet search of “how to update” and add your variant of Linux to the search. Choose the method that you find works best for you.

  • Smartphones and Tablets

Make sure you know how to update the system software. Most of devices provide user-friendly methods for this and notify you when new updates are available.