Scam Phone Calls

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What is Vishing?

Vishing is when fraudsters obtain personal details of a victim by phone aka scam phone calls

Action Fraud


Vishing is the name given to scams using phone calls that try to trick you into revealing sensitive information, part with money or even downloading malicious software such as viruses, malware or ransomware.

These phone calls are from people who pretend to be from recognisable organisations in order to gain your trust so that you will follow the action they are requesting. These organisation can include banks, government organisations, technology companies and other trusted organisations including the University.

Social Engineering

Much like phishing emails, the perpetrators of vishing phone calls often very simple social engineering techniques in order to trick you into revealing information.

  • Vishing phone calls often scare you into taking urgent action, for example saying there are problems with your computer or internet. They claim to be your computer manufacturer,
    telephone or internet service provider and suggest they can help.
  • The scenario of a fraud investigation or problems with your bank account is another common proactive of vishing. Criminals may call and claim to be from your bank, the tax office or police. They often state there are corrupt staff at your bank, or criminals have cloned your bank cards and request your assistance with the investigation.
  • Other opportunities for fraud include the opportunity to get something for a one off investment. Fraudsters may call you to persuade you to invest in all kinds of products, including diamonds, wine or art. They offer low risk and high rates of return, claiming it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ll have to act quickly.

Think before respond. Vishing is still one of the most common kinds of attack. Learn how to avoid them.