Top 10 Information Security Tips


1. Be aware it could happen to you

  • Over 50% of UK crime is cyber crime.
  • Report incidents straight away.
  • Be careful what information about yourself that you post on social media.


2. Think before you click

  • Curiosity, urgency, fear and greed are just some of the tactics used to get you to bite!
  • Find out more about how to spot a phishing email.


3. Don’t get caught by scams

  • It’s not just emails. It could be SMS, phone calls or social media.
  • Find out more about social engineering.


4. Keep up with news and training


5. Keep software up-to-date and use anti-virus

  • New malware and viruses are released every day. Protect yourself.
  • Protect yourself from ransomware.
  • Find out more about updates and anti-virus.


6. Protect your passwords

  • Keep them unique and strong. Don’t share them. Use a password manager.
  • Find out more about protecting passwords.


7. Use Multi-Factor Authentication on critical accounts

  • So you always know when and where your accounts are being accessed.
  • Find out more about MFA at the University.


8. Protect your data

  • Make back-ups, use secure wifi and encryption.
  • Find out more about protecting your data.


9. Protect your mobile devices


10. Lock before you walk

  • Lock it up or lock it down before you leave it.
  • Find out more about physical security.