IT Policy Area

Here you can find links to external and internal ICT Policies.


External Policies

ICT Acceptable Use Policy
This document defines the University of Lincoln’s Information and Communications Systems Acceptable Use Policy for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources.

ICT Data Retention Policy
This policy sets out how long ICT Services should retain data and when data should be disposed of.


Internal Policies (Staff, Students and ICT Only)

IT Policies

The IT Policies Portal Site contains the currently active policies regarding the University of Lincoln ICT Services. It also includes mandatory policies regarding IT Usage and any procedures that need to be taken internally within the University.

General Procedures & Guidelines

Tutorials and general guidelines also can be found within the IT Policies Portal Site. This includes subjects like making sure the emails you are sending do not go into the spam folder of your recipient’s inbox, to major incident guidelines which need to be followed. Please note you will need to sign in to the University Portal to access this content.